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There's always lots of questions around a wedding, and booking in for Wedding Makeup,
so lets see what I can answer for you to make it more straight forward for you!
Your head is surely already swimming with guest lists, venue booking, menu ideas and more!



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Do I have to have a trial?

Yes - every Nearly Wed booked in with me has to have a trial prior to their big day!

We want the day to run as smoothly as possible,  and being unsure on the day of your wedding how you want your makeup and worrying how it will turn out is an unnecessary stress for the day. We do the trial in advance to really lock in your ideal makeup, and fine tune anything. It also gives us a good chance to meet each other and get to know one another - although I' m sure we'll be besties in no time. 

When should I book in for a trial?

There is no right or wrong answer for this! However, my personal recommendation would be 3-6 months prior to your wedding. That way I will absolutely have the same products, techniques etc to ensure your big day makeup matches your trial makeup - as an artist my skills are always improving and techniques may differ over time. 

What happens if I have a trial and decide I don't like it/want changes?

That's absolutely fine and within your right! I have many nearly weds who have several trials before settling on a final look - the record so far has been 7 trials.

Also - if you have a trial with me, and you end up feeling like I'm not the makeup artist for you, that's completely valid. The deposit you pay to secure your date covers the cost of your trial (as well as my admin time). 

What is your booking process?

Let me break this down into steps 

- Initial contact: In our first conversations, I will take the details I need from you to ensure I am available and able to provide makeup for your wedding. I need to know date, location, how many people need their makeup doing and what time you need to be ready for.

- Quote and deposit: I will provide you with a quote for the full cost of your wedding with the details you have provided me. Once confirmed I'm available and the quote is within your budget, I will send you a contract & take a non refundable deposit which is sent via bank transfer.

- Discussion: Undoubtedly, we will already have discussed ideas and themes by this point. However, once the deposit is paid I give you my number for us to send images and discuss ideas via Whatsapp, as I find this the easiest way to track and hold onto your ideas and information. We can start brain storming the ideal makeup look for you. I usually ask for a mood board of ideas you like (Pinterest is a good website for this), and also a few images of how you usually like to wear your makeup. 

- Trial: We book your trial for a date that suits you and we make your mood board and our brain storm a reality! Trials take 1.5-2 hours and I take several pictures at the end of your trial for my reference!

- Trial Check backs: After your trial, I do a check back with you within 24-48 hours to gain any feedback from your makeup, and discuss any adjustments 

- The Pre Big Day: Payment of the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the big day. I will send you a message in the 72 hours prior to your wedding to re-confirm details such as any allergies, the location and time you all need to be ready for. I will also send you a running order of roughly what time slots people will be having their makeup done 

- The Big Day: I will arrive 15 mins prior to the first time slot to give me time to set up and then we're ready to rock and roll! I pride myself on us having a fun relaxed morning getting ready! 

Do you require a deposit?


Yes - A deposit is £100, and is sent via bank transfer. 

No booking is official until the deposit is paid, the date is not officially yours until the deposit is received. The prices can also be subject to change from the initial quote until the deposit is paid, however once the deposit is paid the price will not change.

Deposits are non refundable. 
A deposit of £150 is required if I need to book accommodation. 


When is payment due?

Payment is due 7 days prior to your big day. If you wish to pay early, you are more than welcome but no earlier than 6 months prior to your wedding day.


Do you travel?

Yes! I travel across the UK and available for international weddings. 

Weddings that are 2 hours + away from Leeds, may require a hotel fee to be charged, this will be at price cost of a local hotel of my choice - you will be made aware of this requirement at the time of booking and the fee will be factored into your quote.


Do you charge travel fees?

Weddings within the LS post code have no travel fees.

Travel fees for weddings outside of the LS post code are charged per mile, based on the mileage of the round trip.

Do you have a Minimum/Maximum Wedding party size?

No! However - for distances over 2hours travel, I require at least 2 people to be having their makeup done. 


For larger Wedding Parties, I have a colleague who can attend Weddings with me, who I have worked with for the last 6 years. If she attends, I will still be doing the Nearly Weds makeup and anyone who I have provided a trial for in advance. There is a £40 secondary makeup artist fee applied to the booking - which will be advised at the time of booking.


Are there any Weddings you won't do? Are you inclusive?

I am fully inclusive. My kit is predominately Vegan (over 95%) and completely Cruelty Free. If you wish to have a full face of vegan beauty, please notify me prior to your trial to ensure I omit the remaining 5% of non-vegan items within my kit. I carry a huge range of shades and work on all skin tones and types. 

My salon is accessible with a ramp and lift for those who require it when attending their Trial. 

I am also an LGBTQIA+ friendly makeup artist.


I will not do Wedding Makeup for bigots, TERFs and dickheads! 

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